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On Monotony

March 15, 2012

Because children have abounding vitality,

Because they are in spirit fierce and free,

Therefore they want things repeated and unchanged.

They always say, ‘Do it again’;

And the grown-up person does it again

until he is nearly dead.

For grown-up people are not strong enough

to exult in monotony.

But perhaps God is strong enough…

It is possible that God says every morning,

‘Do it again,’ to the sun;

and every evening,

‘Do it again,’ to the moon.

It may not me automatic necessity

that makes all daisies alike:

It may be that God makes every daisy separately,

but has never got tired of making them.


GK Chesterton, Orthodoxy (1908)


So here begins my blog– with a quote from my favourite book. I don’t have anything terribly earth-shattering to share. I am just interested in lots of different things and am keen to share the ways I try to be strong like God and exult in the monotony of every day life. When I work out how, there will be pics…Let’s see where the road leads, shall we?


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