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Best Lint Brush Ever!!!!

September 22, 2012

When I was in Germany last year, I apparently admired my sister’s lint roller. I don’t really remember this, but it certainly sounds like something I would do. I am always aware of the Cat-Hair Conundrum. We have a black cat and a cream cat. It seems we have gone out of our way to make sure the cat-hair colour-combo that exists in our little house is impossible to hide. The main perpetrator is William.

I often ask (rhetorically) whose idea it was to keep him, anyway, on account of all the FLUFF. My sister ignores the rhetorical nature of the question and reminds me that the keeping of William was totally my idea.

A while ago, we were chatting with our Germany-based sister on Skype, when she waved something at us and said she’s found the lint-roller that I liked in the supermarket and she’s send it over.

Lo, in due time, the parcel arrived. Yesterday, in a fit of enthusiasm, we began our spring-clean by de-fluffing things. It was fun, and I decided that this deserved a blog post. Here’s what I like about it: (Please excuse me while I go all Suzanne Paul for a minute.)

1. It is designed to be used in both directions, so you don’t accidentally unload all the lint onto what you are trying to clean.

2. It is self-cleaning, and does this each time you change the direction of use, so you can use a scrubbing motion indefinitely.

3. It collects the lint in the back, so it is mess-free.

I love this lint-brush. If I knew where to find more, I’d import them and make my millions 🙂


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