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October 5, 2012

I don’t like orange. When I was a child, I even used to pull the orange-flowering plants out of my mother’s garden. She loves orange (and any other bright colour) so she was less than amused…

Over the years, my attitude has mellowed a little, to the point where I could plant some Calendula, for medicinal purposes. Even then, I hoped for yellow or apricot hues rather than orange. As the flowers matured over the winter, I would cut them off and dry them between paper towels on a rack on top of my fridge. It worked perfectly– and I didn’t have to look at them for long. A few weeks ago, I started infusing the petals in apricot kernel oil.

After that, I was very happy to pull up all but one of the plants and plant peas and things. I ignored the remaining plant until today, when I decided to go dead-head it to encourage more blooms– as everywhere in internet-land told me to. I discovered that the spent blooms were pulling an Alien and growing blooms out of their middles:

So weird. I’m sure I didn’t dry all the flowers over the winter but haven’t seen this before. So I will forgive their orangeness in favour of their mutantness. For now.  Also, they will make a good companion for the tomatoes that are flourishing on my windowsill, waiting to be planted out.

Soon I will make a skin-healing-promoting salve out of the infused oil and the circle will be complete 🙂


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