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The Geek Book

October 11, 2012

On Monday I had a day off (Yay!!) and my sister is on holiday, so we drove to Waikanae and caught the train ($14 return, after 9am or all day on the weekend and the car park is free. Way cheaper than driving) to Wellington. My sister has exhausted the second-hand bookshops in our town, and Things she Needs aren’t coming up on her TradeMe watch lists, so she had an ambition to look at Wellington second-hand bookshops. I had remembered there was a giant one somewhere around the centre of the city: I lived in Wellington for 18 months, once, but I’m sure I spent the whole time with my head in a paper-bag, because I don’t know where things are at all, down there. (Can anybody say ‘geographically challenged’? That’s me.)

More by good luck than any clear idea where we were going, we quickly came across Arty Bees Bookshop

We walked in and, oh, the exclamations of delight! My sister dove at the sci-fi/fantasy section and got down to some serious browsing, aided by what I call The Geek Book.

The Geek Book lives in her handbag. It is an old-fashioned address book– one of those little books with an alphabetized index. She tells me it was quite hard to find one, because most people store contact details electronically these days.

Inside The Geek Book are listed, under the appropriate letter by author, book titles she wants to buy. A fellow book-geek gave her the idea, and she says it saves her from the annoyance of accidental double-buys. I notice she also jots down the cheapest price she can get the book new– probably from Good Books International, which has free shipping– so she doesn’t accidentally waste money. Once she has found and purchased the book, she crosses it out.

She left the bookshop with eight new lines to draw in The Geek Book and a very happy spring in her step. I have a feeling we will be making much more regular trips to Wellington in the future…

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