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In the Kitchen– DIY Knife Block

September 30, 2014

I LOVE my knife block. I came across this idea somewhere on the internet and decided I absolutely had to have one.

First I found a plastic pasta storage container in a second-hand shop for a couple of dollars. Then I spent about $14 on fourteen packets of long kebab skewers:


As you can see, it doesn’t matter if the skewers are taller than the container. It does matter if the skewers are shorter than your knives, though… You also need to fill it, but not tightly. The knives and things will take up room in there: if the skewers are packed too tight, you’ll never get the knives to slot in.

Then I dug out an old map and covered it with clear contact stuff, made it the right circumference and slipped it over the outside like so:


It isn’t perfectly smooth, as the map was pretty beaten-up, but I like it.

Then add knives and choppers and pizza cutters and scissors and meat forks etc. The first few will sink, so make sure you start with the long ones, so you can pull them up once the knife block is loaded up a bit.

I love that it fits all my sharp things!


The only problem I have is where I have multiple knives with similar handles– it can be difficult to find the one you want. I get around this by storing the one I am always needing in the same place in the knife block, so I can find it.

This is truly my favourite kitchen DIY solution- so easy, and so useful!!

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